My Favorite Sport


There are many kinds of sports that I enjoy, such as ping pong, basketball and running. However, my favorite sport is running, which requires me to exercise on a regular basis.

When I was young, I started to try to run as fast as I can. At that time, I was so young that I could not run as fast as others. This made me feel sad but I didn’t give up. Now, as I have practiced more, I can run much faster than before, which makes me feel satisfied.

I think running is an ideal game for us because running is not only good for our body, but also a great way to release us from the stressful school lives. In addition, running has given me that the most wonderful time in my life. Thus, it is my favorite sport.


我喜欢许多运动,例如乒乓球,篮球和跑步。 但是,我最喜欢的运动是跑步,这需要我定期锻炼。

小时候,我开始尝试尽可能快地跑步。 那时,我还很小,以至于无法像其他人一样快地奔跑。 这让我感到难过,但我没有放弃。 现在,随着我更多的练习,我可以比以前更快地跑步,这让我感到满足。

我认为跑步对我们来说是一种理想的游戏,因为跑步不仅对我们的身体有益,而且还是使我们摆脱压力重重的学校生活的好方法。 另外,跑步给了我生命中最美好的时光。 因此,这是我最喜欢的运动。